Condolence & Memory Journal

Pamela was such a kind and patient person. In the short time that we knew her, she was very helpful to our family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family, friends and the entire Wakefield community.

Posted by Laura Woollacott    February 10, 2021

Our deepest condolences to Mrs. Wood's Family. We remember her well and interacted with her when she was working with both our son's (Liam and Ethan) at the Greenwood school. She was such a wonderful person and a devoted teacher. She will be missed!

Posted by Buys Family - WAKEFIELD, MA - Student   February 08, 2021

Pam helped both of my children. She was amazing at what she did. She always had a smile on her face. She was a true advocate for her students and cared. You will be missed and have certainly touched our lives.

Posted by Jill McWilliam - Friend   February 07, 2021

Pam helped both of my children. She was amazing at what she did. She always had a smile on her face. She was a true advocate for her students and cared. You will be missed and have certainly touched our lives.

Posted by Jill McWilliam - Friend   February 07, 2021

I met Pam while taking my son, Dominic, to speech therapy with her at the Greenwood school as a preschooler, starting in 2017. Dominic loved going to visit Miss Pam. She always had something special planned for them to do; the flashlight game was his favorite! Seeing Miss Pam was the highlight of his week. Pam poured out so much of herself for the kids. I was deeply moved by how she went above and beyond to make sure that my son had everything he needed. Pam was our gift. She is in our hearts and prayers. We love you and miss you!

Posted by Andrea Zanzotto - Wakefield, MA - Friend   February 07, 2021

We are so sorry for your loss. Pam was a wonderful person and friend and she will be missed.

Posted by Thomas Crusco Jr - Wakefield, MA - Friend   February 05, 2021

Pam was my next door neighbor who my husband and I got close with and became good friends with over the past 6+ years. We became such close friends that we were there to celebrate each other's happy occasions, such as birthdays and she was always the first one to be invited to our Christmas party every year, our summer backyard BBQs, Halloween parties (she always dressed up for them) or just to hang out on a Friday night with some wine. We helped each other in all the small ways every neighbor would. Keeping each other's trash bin inside after trash day, working together to find a snow plowing person, and my husband would plow her side anytime our snow guy couldn't come. I remember once a couple of years ago, she called me at 6am and was frantically screaming, I ran over to find a bat in her kitchen. My husband was in the shower then so he couldn't come to help us right away. So Pam and I decided to try to catch the bat with kitchen pans and anything we could get our hands on. While it was scary at the time, I now think back to those memories with a smile. Too many memories to count. When I was pregnant, she would call me anytime she saw big packages outside our house to see if I needed help so that I don't lift it myself when my husband was at work. When I told her we were having a baby, she was the happiest for us and showered our baby girl with love and so many gifts! I'm very saddened that she couldn't really meet my baby girl in person due to covid. These are just a few examples of the selfless and kind person that Pam was. My parties will continue to have a gluten free dish as I hope Pam continues to attend in spirit. We miss you tremendously, Pam! Every time I look out my window at your house, I miss you! You were a wonderful neighbor and a great friend. May she Rest In Peace. Our deepest condolences to the Wood family!

Posted by Aish and Nithin Ramadurai - Wakefield, MA - Neighbor   February 05, 2021

My deepest condolences to Pam's family. My 4-year old daughter Maddy was a current student of Pam - started seeing her in January 2020. She loved visiting Greenwood to go play with Ms Pam twice a week. Pam was an warm, amazing, patient and positive teacher. Words cannot express how grateful we are to her - She found the key to unlocking Maddy's ability to speak. Because of Pam, Maddy can now express herself and easily socialize with others. We will miss Pam and her easy manner, encouragement and guidance tremendously.

Posted by Jennifer Osterhout - WAKEFIELD, MA - Teacher   February 05, 2021


Pam was such a loving, caring person. She was always there for support, advice, or a bag of treats to share. She told great stories and made me laugh. I am so sorry for your loss and hope you find peace. I cared about Pam and think of her every day. Very special lady.

Posted by Jeanne Marie - Friend   February 05, 2021

My family will never be able to express what Pam has given to our son. Before her, Christian was a nervous, sweet little 3yr old boy who barely spoke. Now, Christian is 5 and in school, confident and found his voice. Pam gave him the confidence, trust and safety she worked tirelessly to build and never gave up on him! Pam told us that her Dad was making a special surprise that Christian would love and the day she revealed the rice/sand table, the joy in both their eyes melted my heart. Christian doesn't quite understand fully why he won't see his Ms Pam anymore and although he still has work to do, I know she will show him the way and continue to be our Angel like she was on earth. We love you Pam and are eternally grateful for you! May you rest in the sweetest peace and know we will carry a piece of you in our hearts and speak of you often.

Posted by Alisa Richardson - Wakefield, MA - Student   February 05, 2021


Dearest Pam, you smiled for everyone, no matter how hard it was to do. You gave every child a hand to hold, and every adult a shoulder to lean on and a hug to envelop them. You are so very, very missed and very, very loved. My deepest condolences for your family's loss of such a beautiful person. Until we meet, again.

Posted by Sarah DiFrenna - Wakefield, MA - Friend   February 05, 2021

I will hold my aunt in my heart with so much love. As I make sense of the pain of tragedy I can only recall smiles and kind words from Pam with every memory. Every time I saw Pam I was greeted with an entire face of smile and true excitement to listen to what I have been up to. She floated through days with that smile and passed it along to everyone she spoke to. I don't think I know anyone who could be as giving with that much ease and I won't forget to learn that from her. May we all find peace in the joy & strength she leaves behind and live to be as kind and selfless as she always was.

Posted by Caitlin Applin - Family   February 03, 2021

Rest in peace Pam,You will be missed

Posted by Jerry McCarthy - Malden - Friend   February 03, 2021

I'm so sorry for your loss. I met Pam at yoga at Trudy MacDonalds house. My friend Sharon DiFiore introduced us. Pam was always smiling & she had a great sense of humor. Words cannot describe how sad I am for you. I hope through these terrible times you can hold onto your beautiful memories.

Posted by Karen Hunt - Melrose, MA - Friend   February 03, 2021

I am deeply saddened to hear of Pamela's death. My condolences and empathy. As one of her Professors at Northeastern , I can still recall her as an excellent student who was outgoing, friendly, well liked, a sense of humor that made a lasting impact on everyone. Blessings and prayers.

Posted by Dr Robert Ferullo - Woburn, MA - Teacher   February 03, 2021

Pam always had a smile on her face. I meet Pam at MG gym. We would talked at least once a week if not more at the gym. She was so up beat and full of life. I am going to miss her a lot.

Posted by Shari Wells - Wakefield, MA - Friend   February 03, 2021

Pam was a wonderful person and Friend. My condolences and prayers to the Wood Family.

Posted by Diane Bielski - Medford, MA - Friend   February 03, 2021

Pam you will be forever missed. Thank you for helping to prepare my boys for their future and for always being there and going to bat for us. Michael, George and Max learned so much from you and they always had a smile, when they spoke of seeing Ms. Wood. You began helping my 13 year old (Michael) when he was 3. It was a long road. Most recently, Max has benefitted greatly from speech lessons, geared to help with his hearing loss. You were professional, in a fun way. The lessons will stay with them always. I will personally miss our chats, your humor and guidance. I pray you are at peace and free of all pain. Love and prayers to your family and friends. Love, Cathy Carroll and family.

Posted by Catherine Carroll - Wakefield, MA - Friend   February 03, 2021


Posted by Marie Paiva - Reading, MA - Friend   February 03, 2021

We are all so sorry that Pam is no longer with us. Pam was the sweetest person. She was so hardworking and dedicated to all of her students. Every day that students came into the building to work with Pam, they were always so excited to see her. She made them feel so comfortable while she worked with them. It was so nice working with Pam also. She was so caring to everyone and was so knowledgeable in Health & Wellness. She was always giving helpful tips. It is so sad to not see her smiling face each day.... Pam and her family will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Marie Paiva - Reading, MA - Friend   February 03, 2021

Our deepest condolences to the Wood family! Pam was a kind person and we miss her a lot. May she Rest In Peace!

Posted by Aish and Nithin Ramadurai - Wakefield, MA - Neighbor   February 02, 2021


Pam and I worked together at the Greenwood School and we shared a room for the past year and a half. We were both so happy to be sharing a room together. I loved listening to Pam when she worked with her students. She was so easy going and compassionate. I will always remember her sitting on the floor with her preschoolers and their mothers simultaneously engaging a 3 year old while explaining her thoughts to the parent. I sometimes called over to her side of the room, "you're such a great therapist". Her students were always so happy to be with her. She will always be in my heart!

Posted by Robin Litwalk - Newton, MA - Coworker   February 02, 2021

The family classical movie, It's a Wonderful Life, presents a powerful message about people individually and collectively. There is a scene where the Angel, Clarence, professes to his student, George, that each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leave an awful hole, doesn't he?

Pam, you have touched the lives of so many people within your family, friends, colleagues, students and community. You felt things deeply, and committed yourself fully to your responsibilities and passions.

I remember fondly the Yoga retreat I shared with you and your siblings. You joyfully immersed yourself in the activities of dance, yoga, swimming and meditation as you nourished your body and mind.

As a person of faith you believed in the power of prayer and you experienced peace here on earth. We are sad your life has changed form and we will miss you. As a Speech Pathologist you were eager to communicate with people, so I know you will listen to our prayers. We will carry you with us. Rest peacefully until we join you in Heaven.

Love, Marie

Posted by Marie Mazzochia - Wakefield, MA - Friend   February 02, 2021


Sending my condolences to Pam's family. She was a kind, loving, treasured friend. Forever in my heart and in my prayers.

Posted by Sharon DiFiore - Reading, MA - Friend   February 01, 2021

Pam was a dear friend and colleague. My favorite memories of Pam are her fun sense of humor and a spark for life- I can vividly remember a picture of her dressed as a Trekky! On a few occasions we single gals kept each other entertained by going dancing- what fun we had! She was a great dancer. At the Greenwood School I admired her dedication to her students, and went to her to learn more about the connection between children with language needs and their reading needs. She was smart, articulate, and professional. She had a way to connect with the youngest children by gaining their trust and teaching them to communicate and speak. Pam also cared deeply about cats- and would foster them as needed. Over this past summer especially she would send me "lost cat" messages and I would post them on Facebook groups to help find owners. I will always remember Pam as a kind, gentle soul, and good friend.

Posted by Kathleen Holland - Melrose, MA - Friend   February 01, 2021

Pam was so eager to participate in posing with one of her favorite children's books at the Greenwood School!

Posted by Kathleen Holland - Melrose, MA - Friend   February 01, 2021