Condolence & Memory Journal

I was so fortunate to have been a student of Uschi's last German conversation class with LCE. In those short 6 hours, we could all see what an amazing person she was in addition to being an effective and enthusiastic educator. She also mastered teaching over ZOOM. But most of all what I admired most was her brave outlook on things , especially in those final weeks. My condolences to her family.

Posted by Sigita Clark - Lexington, MA - Student   December 14, 2020


Uschi had such amazing energy. She was a dynamic and dedicated teacher. I have known her as a fellow parent, colleague, and friend since she came to the US. She has left quite a legacy in handwork classes, science classes, and on the trail. She will be greatly missed,
Sandra Ruggiero and family

Posted by Sandra Ruggiero - Lexington, MA - Coworker   November 29, 2020

I met Uschi through the AMC and hiked with her occasionally. It was always fun to be with her. She was very adventurous and full of life. I send my condolences to the family. You must miss her tremendously.

Posted by Maria Costantini - Westwood, MA - Acquaintance   November 25, 2020

Uschi was a force and a whirlwind of activity. She always spoke her mind and let the chips fall where they may. As a colleague of mine at Waldorf School of Lexington for many years and then at the Waldorf HS of Mass Bay, she kept me on my toes. I admired her energy, her insight, her perseverance and the can do attitude that lead to her finding the new home for the new Waldorf high school in Belmont. She taught me how to make knitted animals stuffed with wool for the Christmas fairs that were just the best. Condolences to your family members and close friends.

Posted by Susan Morris - Boothbay, ME - Coworker   November 24, 2020

Uschi (known to me as Frau Kullmann) was an amazing teacher. She was passionate and giving and got such joy from seeing others learn. She inspired me and will be dearly missed.

Posted by Anneke Sallis - Boston, MA - Student   November 24, 2020

Uschi was absolutely one of a kind. I have never known anyone more determined to seize each day and make the most of it. She was funny, multi-talented, and had a big heart under her (occasionally crusty) exterior. I am really going to miss our visits, but am feeling very grateful that our paths crossed in life and that we got to spend a lot of time together in the past few years.

Posted by Betsy Peck - Arlington, MA - Friend   November 23, 2020

Uschi was a great teacher and a great person. She will be missed by all of us in the Bloomquist family:
Stephen, Faith, Annikki, Andreas Bloomquist

Posted by Stephen Bloomquist - woburn, MA - Friend   November 23, 2020

Sending prayers and love to the Kullman family and Tony. We are blessed for having dear Uschi in our lives and will miss her smiling face and generosity of spirit.

Posted by Kathleen Loftus - MA   November 23, 2020

Uschi was a wonderful instructor. I am fortunate to be part of a German conversation group that got to know her. She is an inspiration.

Posted by Tina Jaillet - Lexington, MA - Student   November 23, 2020

We are truly sorry to hear about the loss of Uschi. She was one lovely lady. Please accept our condolences Tony and to all her family. Helen, & Martin Conroy & family.

Posted by Helen Conroy - Arlington, MA - Friend   November 22, 2020

Uschi came into our family's lives as a caregiver for Elwood Titus ("Tite") but became so much more. She was a very special person. With our German background, including having lived in Cologne for a year, there was an instant bond for all of us and an enduring friendship. We send condolences to Uschi's family. We have many happy memories of all that we shared and we greatly miss her. Doris and Elizabeth Titus

Posted by Doris and Elizabeth Titus - Lexington, MA - Friend   November 22, 2020

Frau Kullmann was my 6-8th grade teacher in Maths and Physics at GISB, Boston 2006-2009 but much more than that she was kind of also my friend. I loved to talk to her, also about more personal things, I remember she always gave me valuable advice! I felt special connection to her also because she had the skill to read from my facial expression... I was sad to leave her when I moved back to Switzerland in 2009... she said something like "goodbys are not forever and just an expression that you cared... I stayed in touch with "my friend Uschi". A couple of times I spoke to her on the phone and I once in Summer 2017 when she had a 5h layover at the Airport in Zurich I finally met her again in person, that ment a lot to me! I will always remember her as very joyful, helpful, wise person who loves the outdoors. I will always keep you in my heart Uschi!
My deepest condolences to her family and friends.

Posted by Nadine Eggenberger - Zürich - Student   November 22, 2020

Uschi was a very active member of the AMC, leading enjoyable hiking and skiing trips, and doing important committee work as well. I remember her vitality and sense of humor. She always seemed to have a smile on her face.

Posted by Mary Hoffmann - Arlington,, MA - Acquaintance   November 21, 2020

My deepest condolences to the Kullmann family. Uschi was my son's german teacher at the Waldorf school in Lexington, MA I still can picture her in the front of the room going to start the first grade class waiting for them to silence for just long enough for her to say..good morning first grade. That was 30 years ago. I am sending love and warm feelings as you pass the threshold and expand out to your next destination. Love to you dear Uschi

Posted by Tobie DeSantis - Sarasota, FL - Friend   November 20, 2020

Uschi I Never met you but I think I would like you a lot, Mary talked so well of You I feel I did know you. I know Toni and I give him and your family my heart fealt Condolances and I am so sorry that you lost your battle with cancer, know that I prayed for you every night R.I.P.

Posted by Dottie Hirtle - West Bridgewater, MA - Acquaintance   November 20, 2020

You were a great woman and the loss of you will be keenly felt by many who loved you and cared for you. You had so many skills! I bought several of your beautiful handcrafted dolls as baby gifts. You were kind, helpful, knowledgeable in so many areas! When you moved I bought some wine glasses from you. Whenever I drink out of a glass I will send a good thought to you, dear Uschi. I am so sad that you lost your courageous fight against this miserable and mean killer. I will never forget you! My sincere condolences to your family.

Posted by Uta Fuchs - Sudbury, MA - Coworker   November 20, 2020

I will miss my hiking buddy. She was an extraordinary leader.

Posted by Barbara Fay - Boston, MA - Friend   November 20, 2020

Dear relatives of Uschi Kullmann
It is with great sadness that I have just learnt of Uschis untimely passing. I worked with Uschi as her principal at the German School of Boston and got to know her as a kind, curious and very helpful colleague and teacher with a lot of joyful energy and a great passion for the outdoors that I will not forget.
My heartfelt sympathies
Christian Nitschke

Posted by Christian Nitschke - London - Coworker   November 20, 2020

Uschi had a big heart for all her pupils. We will always keep her in a very good memory. Christian Heide, former coworker, Lake Constance, Germany

Posted by Christian Heide - Friedrichshafen - Coworker   November 20, 2020


Colleague and dear friend, Uschi, you were full of life and love, generous, creative, practical, a clear thinker, wise and courageous. Above all was your love for your family. Never a visit went by that we did not exchange stories about our grandchildren, and the joy of being a grandmother.You will be sorely missed and in our hearts and memory always. Deepest sympathy to the Kullman family and to Tony and family. Sandra Wiliams, Rockport, MA 11/20/20

Posted by Sandra Williams - Rockport, MA - Friend   November 20, 2020

When I first moved to Boston with my daughter and joined the German school, Uschi was so supportive, friendly and kind to us both--as a colleague, teacher and friend. We connected over so many things outside of school--crafting, nature and family--and I fondly remember her visit to our new campus when she so proudly gifted me a children's book written by her daughter about a giraffe--thinking of everyone else always. She will be missed but all who knew her.

Posted by Lauren and Anneke Sallis - Ashland, MA - Coworker   November 20, 2020

My condolences to the family and friends of dear Uschi.

Posted by Anna-Laura Silva - Washington, DC - Acquaintance   November 20, 2020

Deepest Sympathy to Uschi's family. Rest In Peace.

Posted by Mary O Leary - Melrose, MA - Friend   November 20, 2020